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Peak Cycles Service Department

Our Bicycle Service Guarantee

We guarantee all work on every bicycle we service at Peak Cycles. Our guarantee means you only pay for our service once. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service we have perfomed, please let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. We also guarantee you will get the parts you want, not what we happen to have on-hand. With the power of our website (BikeParts.com) we have access to over 50,000 parts which are avaialble next-day. We sell you exactly what you want for your repair or upgrade.

Estimates Are Always Free

When you bring in your bike for service, we will give you a free estimate of the work that's needed. One of our service technicians will discuss in detail what we recommend for your repair according to your needs and budget.

Lifetime Free Adjustments

When you purchase a new bicycle you are making an investment with your local shop. To show how much your business means to us we offer lifetime free adjustments as long as you own the bike. That means we will never charge you for small adjustments that are always needed to keep you bike running great. This includes derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments and headset adjustments.

Walk-ins Are Welcome

Most of our repairs are scheduled but if we can do a quick repair to get you rolling, we will. Flat tires and small brake/derailleur adjustments are always welcome. If the repair is going to take a while, we will let you know and schedule you in for service.

Custom Wheel Building

We can build any custom wheel you can imagine. With our vast access to any rim, hub, and spoke combo in the world, we can build whatever you want. We stand behind our wheels so much that we offer lifetime unlimited wheel trues. Our wheels are solid.

Tune-Up Prices and Descriptions

Bicycle Safety Tune $50.00

Service includes:
- Safefty Check
- Adjust Shifting and Brakes

Drivetrain Degrease and Tune $60.00

The Drivetrain Degrease is for when just your chain, cassette and cranks are just plain filthy.
Service includes:
- Solvent clean chain
- Solvent clean cassette
- Detail clean both derailleurs
- Detail clean cranks
- Shifter and derailleur adjustment
- Lube cable and housing for derailleurs

Standard Tune-Up $90.00

The Standard Tune is for when your bike needs some love.
Service includes:
- Safety Check
- Brake adjustment (includes Truing Disc Rotors)
- Shifting adjustment
- True Wheels
- Lube cables and housing
- Adjust Derailleur Hanger
- Bearing Adjustment (BB, Headset, Hubs)
- Wipe Down and Expect Frame
- Security check for all accessories, i.e. water bottle cages, light, computer, etc.
- Save $10 when you add the Drivetrain Degrease and Tune

Deluxe Tune-Up $220.00

The Deluxe Tune is for when your bike is in need of some special attention.
Service includes:
- Standard Tune
- Drivetrain Degrease
- New Cables/Housing

Comprehensive Overhaul - Road or Mtb $300.00

The Comprehensive Overhaul is for when you have completely neglected your bike and you are trying to show it you are still in love with it.
Service includes:
- Standard Tune
- Drivetrain Degrease
- New Cables and Housing
- All Components Removed and Cleaned
- All Bearings Serviced

Full Suspension Comprehensive Overhaul - Mtb $500.00

The Mtb Full Suspension Overhaul is for when you have absolutely trashed your mountain bike.
Service includes:
- Standard Tune
- Drivetrain Degrease
- New Cables and Housing
- All Components Removed and Cleaned
- All Bearings Serviced
- All Frame Pivots Serviced
- Front and Rear Shocks Serviced