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PhysioPhyx LPR - 16 Serving Tub - Raspberry Lemonade

PhysioPhyx LPR - 16 Serving Tub - Raspberry Lemonade

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PhysioPhyx LPR takes recovery nutrition to a new level of support and performance by delivering a powerful, evidence-based blend of Carbohydrates + Protein + Leucine. This potent combination of nutrients has been precisely formulated to help ensure you rapidly and effectively restore muscle energy (glycogen), minimize muscle soreness, stimulate muscle repair and speed training adaptations after moderate, intense and exhaustive exercise or competition.† In fact, recent studies have shown the nutrient trio of Carbs + Protein + Leucine taken after exercise creates an absolute ideal environment for your body to quickly go into recovery overdrive. FLAVOR: Natural Raspberry Lemonade Servings Per Container: 16 (47 grams / serving) You train hard… our Leucine Powered Recovery formula helps you train even harder by:
  • Helping restore muscle glycogen (energy)
  • Helping repair and rebuild muscle tissues
  • Helping minimize muscle soreness
  • Helping support training adaptations
  • Helping reduce recovery time between training efforts
  • Helping support a healthy immune system
  • Helping improve endurance, strength and exercise performance