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Bookman Block Taillight - Rechargable, Green (50%Off)

  • BPC Product ID: BPC505912
  • UPC ID: 7350051864476
  • Manufacturer ID: 447

  • Brand: Bookman
  • Category: Lights
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Price: $25.00


The Bookman Block Taillight is a strong, compact, rechargeable bicycle light. Equipped with the latest LEDs and Lithium Ion battery to make it super bright, yet long lasting. With its four different modes it is perfect for the commuter or the dedicated road cyclist that are looking for a slim light to illuminate their twilight rides. Easy to attach and remove to any bike, and compact enough to fit in any pocket make it a great option for commuters or running errand.
  • 2 hour charge time with included USB cable
  • 1.5 - 25 hours run time across 4 modes: Steady or blinking in 100% (18 lumen), or 25% (5 lumen) modes
  • Battery: 1, 651725 Lithium lon Rechargeable, 3.7(V), 0.814(Wh), 4.423g, Included

Additional Information

Recharge Type USB
Lumens Rear 18