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Enduro HyGlide Fork Seal Kit For FOX Forks - 32mm

Enduro HyGlide Fork Seal Kit For FOX Forks - 32mm

  • BPC Product ID: BPC495433
  • UPC ID: 811780024588
  • Manufacturer ID: FKH-7001

Price: $26.00


Service your suspension fork with the Enduro HyGlide Fork Seal Kit. HyGlide seals utilize the material and design advantages of our two-part seals (Polyurethane wipers and Moly-Disulphide-infused oil seals) and combine them into a single wiper/oil seal. This unique design joins the oil seal and wiper into a single unit, creating a sealing system that eliminates one of the sealing lips and decreases seal friction or “stiction” by 25%. The cold-fused integrated seal design also features a large oil cavity between the two sealing lips to prevent contamination and further ease fork's movement.
  • HyGlide seal superior sealing action and can increase fork service intervals by as much as 2 or 3 times compared to OE recommendations
  • This seal kit includes HyGlide integrated upper wiper/lower oil seal, foam rings and crush washers for Fox 32mm suspension forks