Finish Line Ceramic Wax Bike Chain Lube - 4 fl oz, Drip

Finish Line Ceramic Wax Bike Chain Lube - 4 fl oz, Drip

  • BPC Product ID: BPC356209
  • UPC ID: 036121006058
  • Manufacturer ID: CW0040101

Price: $11.99


Advanced wax-based lubricant that goes on wet and dries to a wax coating. It provides maximum cleanliness and performance in dry, dusty and off-road conditions. The ceramic particles build up after each application extending the longevity of the lube beyond typical wax lubricants.
  • With each application the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants
  • No wetness or stickiness so dirt and grime will not be attracted or absorbed by the lubricant
  • Helps avoid abrasive wear allowing parts to run more smoothly and last longer
  • As the white ceramic particles embed themselves on the chain they will displace grime, causing a grey or black film to form on top of the wax coating. Over 2-3 applications this will lessen or cease. This discoloration is normal and will not compromise performance.

Additional Information

Case Pack No
Application Type Drip
Volume 4
Petroleum Based Yes