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Bike Yoke Divine SL Seatpost Without Remote(125)31.6x445mm

Bike Yoke Divine SL Seatpost Without Remote(125)31.6x445mm

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  • Manufacturer ID: DIVSL125316

Price: $350.00


Bike Yoke Divine SL Dropper Post

- Tailored to the needs of XC and marathon racers, the DIVINE SL is the youngest offspring of Bike Yoke dropper family. Based on the award-winning and patented REVIVE technology, the internals have been modified to work perfectly with the shorter travel
- The new "Tech-Climb" feature keeps the post completely locked at the top and bottom positions but allows slight spring in the middle positions, filtering the impact of roots and rocks when needed
- By design, the shorter travel DIVINE SL does not require manual resets like the REVIVE
- Titanium saddle bolts, carbon and oval rail compatible forged clamping plates, tapered tubes all come stock on the DIVINE SL to achieve a sensational low weight of 385g (30.9/400mm)
- Lower tube can be cut if not needed for extension. 80mm post can be cut 115mm up from the bottom, 100mm post can be cut 95mm up from the bottom, and 125mm post can be cut 90mm up from the bottom
- Non-IFP design provides better reliability and extremely smooth action
- All Bike Yoke posts feature internal and front feed cable routing
- Maximum rider weight limit (fully equipped) of 115kg (250lbs)
- 3rd party web sales (eBay, Amazon, etc.) are strictly prohibited by the manufacturer

Item Specifications

  • model|travel/drop|diameter|length|weight|color: Divine SL|125mm|31.6mm|375-445mm|450g|black