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Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air, 250/75mm

Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air, 250/75mm

  • BPC Product ID: BPC191131
  • UPC ID: 840226070421
  • Manufacturer ID: BCD0012

Price: $779.99


Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air Shock

- Double Barrel Technology refined into tool-free adjustment on all four circuits, with a discernible difference between each adjustment
- Adjustments to high speed compression, high speed rebound, low speed compression, and low speed rebound damping are made externally with tool-free knobs, allowing all of the shock’s features to be adjustable trail side
- Low speed adjustment in 11 positions in one single rotation allowing the user to see where they are set in their adjustment
- High speed adjustment in 13 positions in 2 rotations
- 3-position climb switch
- Handbuilt and tested in the USA. 585g (210mm length)

Item Specifications

  • model|stroke|eye-eye: DB Kitsuma Air|75mm|250mm