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1st Endurance OptygenHP Pills, 120/Count

1st Endurance OptygenHP Pills, 120/Count

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1st Endurance Optygen HP

- Updated OptygenHP improves the body's utilization of oxygen, increases VO2 Max and anaerobic threshold while reducing lactic acid
- Provides 1500mg Beta-Alanine per serving which increases muscular endurance, boosts strength, improves exercise capacity and delays muscular fatigue
- Upgraded with Ashwagandha to modulate cortisol, improve power, and enhance VO2 Max
- Also includes a clinically effective dose of premium grade Rhodiola and Cordyceps because clinical research has shown the combination of these two endurance-specific adaptogens improves aerobic performance
- Newest version of HP has 500mg more Beta-Alanine than previous formula
- Third party online sales strictly prohibited by manufacturer

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