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Kreitler Alloy 4.5 in. Drums Alloy Caps

Kreitler Alloy 4.5 in. Drums Alloy Caps

  • BPC Product ID: BPC353818
  • UPC ID: 702430116398
  • Manufacturer ID: KT6011

Price: $435.00


Kreitler Alloy Rollers feature lathe turned alloy drums and . Drums are sold in 3 sizes and come with corresponding roller belt. Smaller diameters provide more resistance. Roller frame to be purchased separately. Kreitler Roller Drums with alloy end caps are the longest lasting and are compatible with all accessories.

Product Information
  • Kreitler rollers utilize modular technology and have a lifetime warranty
  • Purchase each component individually to make a set of rollers
  • Alloy end caps are the longest lasting, compatible with all accessories and give the truest feel of being on the road
  • Smaller drums = more resistance
  • All drum kits include roller belt
  • Killer Headwind compatible