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Enduro BB Bearing Kit For Outboard BBs

Enduro BB Bearing Kit For Outboard BBs

  • BPC Product ID: BPC327198
  • UPC ID: 810191011729
  • Manufacturer ID: BB5410

  • Brand: ABI
  • Category: Bearings
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For replacing Hollowtech, MegaExo and X-Type Bottom Bracket Bearings.
  • Bearing kits for Shimano, FSA, and Race Face outboard bottom brackets
  • Two-lip seals minimize bearing contamination
  • Kits include bearings and seals to rebuild one bottom bracket
  • Note: all these bearing kits have larger 5/32" balls for a net load increase of over 20%
  • Comes with 2 bearings, 2 orange seals with OD 41mm and 2 blue seals with OD of 37mm
  • For Shimano Hollowtech II and Race Face X-Type Bottom brackets
  • Simply use the seals which fit best with your cups
  • TL8901 Recommended for bearing installation and removal, see also TL8902 for cup installation and removal

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Item Specifications
Bearing I.D.24
Bearing O.D.37
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