Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost Without Remote (125)31.6x397mm, Blk

Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost Without Remote (125)31.6x397mm, Blk

  • BPC Product ID: BPC194339
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  • Manufacturer ID: REV125316

Price: $320.00


Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Post

- Self-serviceable dropper post with reset lever at the head
- Non-IFP design provides better reliability and extremely smooth action
- See notes for remote lever inclusion. Use YB-210* for Triggy models that do not include remote
- Use YB-2105 for optional 2-by remote, a more traditional dropper lever which can fit over a shifter
- All Revive posts feature internal and front feed cable routing
- Maximum rider weight limit (fully equipped) of 115kg (250lbs)
- 3rd party web sales (eBay, Amazon, etc.) are strictly prohibited by the manufacturer

Item Specifications

  • model|travel/drop|diameter|length|lever|color: Revive|125mm|31.6mm|397mm|none|black