Bryton Rider 15E GPS

Bryton Rider 15E GPS

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  • Manufacturer ID: 618030100000

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Bryton Rider 15 GPS

- The Rider 15 offers easy set-up and features 30 functions, for a computer that is both easy to use and highly informative
- Absolute precision is capable with this model due to full GNSS support which enables the computer to use various available satellite systems allowing faster start up and more accurate readings
- Features an automatic backlight display based upon location and a new heading mode which can either function as a compass or be switched to map mode to keep you on track
- 2” high contrast display shows 4 windows of cycling data per page which is fully customizable via the Bryton App
- Tracks can be automatically synced to STRAVA, making it easy for you to share and compete with millions
- Compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, and cadence sensors. Also notifies you when sensor batteries are low
- Notifies you whenever you receive phone calls, emails, and/or text messages after pairing it with your smart phone via BLE
- 15E model includes computer head and standard o-ring mount
- See the Barfly collection for alternative compatible mounts
***Please note the software on these computers needs to be updated periodically to function properly.Visit this site to download software and for device recovery:***

Item Specifications

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