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Uvex FP 3.0 team helmet, white/blue - 57-61cm

Uvex FP 3.0 team helmet, white/blue - 57-61cm

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  • Manufacturer ID: C4101430417

  • Brand: UVEX
  • Category: Helmets
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Uvex FP 3.0 Team Helmet

General Information
  • Designed for road and mountain use with gloss finish
  • Flag version includes sticker kit for customizing your helmet to the country of choice
  • Double in-mold construction and integrated roll-over-bar allows for narrower fitting helmet and maximum protection in the event of an impact
  • Features 3 dimensional width and height adjustment, one handed fit adjustment, easy to use chin strap closure and 22 vents for maximum airflow
  • Available in two shell sizes with removable anti-allergenic liner
  • Made in Germany. 290g

    Detailed Specifications
  • color:white/blue/red (flag)
  • sticker kit:USA/France/Britain/Norway
  • size:57-61cm