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KS Supernatural-R (i950r) post, (125) 30.9x385mm  NLA

KS Supernatural-R (i950r) post, (125) 30.9x385mm NLA

  • BPC Product ID: BPC138319
  • UPC ID:
  • Manufacturer ID: I950R125309385

Price: $305.00


KS Supernatural (i950) Seatpost

- Supernatural has exact same design/function as the i950, except with new graphics and packaging
- Inline head means less stress on bushing, especially for DH, Freeride
- Improved bushing design for smooth operation under load with no side-to-side play
- 125 or 150mm range of height lock, locks anywhere in vertical range (which means the post will not extend when lifting the bike by the saddle)
- 1-bolt micro-adjustable seat rail clamp
- Includes ODI Lock-On compatible remote handlebar release lever and cables. 589g
- To choose the correct drop, measure from the center of saddle rail down to the top of the seat collar on the frame with the post height at the normal climbing height, then subtract 50mm

Item Specifications

  • model: Supernatural-R (remote)
  • travel/drop: 125mm
  • diameter: 30.9mm
  • length: 385mm
  • color: black/black